by Carved Out

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Scenery EP


released March 6, 2012

Carved Out
Bobby Leonard - Paper Tiger Studios



all rights reserved


Carved Out Columbus, Ohio

Jordan, Justin, Nate, KB, and Josh.

Riffs, reefer, beer and yelling at KB


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Track Name: Intro
The blackest clouds have set the stage. Time will cease as sunlight dies, another empty page. The moment when it is supposed to end is wrote in black ink. I sit and watch it fade.
Track Name: The Devil's Sermon
...And well search them out. This hunt will never cease. We must rid the land of their wicked kind. with blood shed shall we know peace.
Consumed by fire. A witch's death and the devil's sermon. Never smother the pyre. This pledge was our father's burden. The ashes of the wretched, cover my hands. It stains my brow. The shouting of men fills the air, as does smoke.
Track Name: No Memory
Trapped in desperation
A life in constant fear
Wartime Martyr: a sister, a brother
Never shed a fucking tear

Death is the season
Kill without reason

They'll track you down and slit your throat with rusted blades
Slaughter your family, leave no memory to fade

Dead bloodlines. No memory to fade.
Track Name: Bastard Race
You are not of flesh and blood
A forsaken bastard race

Atomic Eye
Electric Beast
Eve of Destruction

Bringer of Death
Unnatural being
Eclipse the Sky
Track Name: Dead Weight
You will not be the first and will never be the last. I faced a hundred like you, not one could make it passed. I have sworn a blood oath to never fall. I may rest once I have defeated them all.

A fucking blood oath

I have sworn a fucking blood oath.
Track Name: Burn Muzzle
The gates have been shut.
The exits secured.
Our government corrupt.
Firing of guns can be heard.

The streets are completely flooded with the hopeless and terrorized.
Gunshots ringing in the streets. No compromise.

The ones we used to love, stare us down with rage. Survival is all that's left, an apocalyptic age.
Track Name: General Bethlehem
There can be only one, one leader of this clan
I will bury a thousand men before I fall to weak conspiracy
I will never let the wolves devour me.

A government of balance; lost, forgotten, gone.
I will be the last man standing, I am the chosen one.

There can be only one, one leader of this clan.
There can be only one, one leader of this fucking clan.
Track Name: Mutant Son
Sunken to the bottom of the sea in the ring of fire.
Never to be forgotten.
Genetic mutant son.

Feel the earth as it quakes beneath panic erupts and fills the streets.

Government cover up and public hysteria.

The screams merge into just one voice, saving yourself is the only choice.

This sacred crossroad leaves to nowhere.
No hope no security.
White flag surrender.
No hope no security.